The word “salt” scares me now. I could never imagine i would be a salt free diet follower. The people who know me would say it’s all a lie. But believe me its TRUE. I never knew that there is something called “SALT FREE DIET ” until i was sick.

There is a saying ” you would not know the value unless you loose or gain it”. Can anybody imagine that salt is the main culprit for unhealthy body.

Well can anybody imagine “salt as a harmful ingredient” ? No way right.. I know i was surprised to hear that. You will be too when you hear what i heard.

Salt Salt Salt….everyone knows this as a necessary ingredient in the foods. But does anyone that this is the main culprit causing lot of damage to human body. Salt has been in usage for long time in different ways other than as a food ingredient.

Salt.. when you hear that all you can think is only FOOD. You are thinking I am only talking about the food here. I am here to give you some insight about the salt facts. You might be laughing now, putting a face…I am serious you can’t even imagine how healthy it is to be salt free. Of course, you have to have necessary Na+ in your diet. That’s why we want to talk about healthy diet.

Ok lets see what do we know about SALT. Salt adds taste to food, protects from evil, preserves the food from deterioration.

What else… Hmmm…You know its also used to prevent bubbling after the burn. It’s also used to extract the water or liquid because of its absorbency.

Am i boring you…Aaahh sorry..I have no option. I have to talk to about its chemistry if not you wouldn’t understand why i am talking about being “SALTFREE“.



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