Tastes are different types like salty,bitter,sweet,sour,spicy….list goes on. All these are because of tastebuds in your mouth. You know the life span of a tastebud is approx only 4days. So whatever you give the new one that will be fine with it.

The most dangerous/cunning part of body is tongue. You know why because its the one who demands all the tastes. It tricks you for that.Did you ever hear about Tongue being sick really bad like other parts of body.

It’s astonishing that the other parts never demand for tastes but they are the ones affected suffering with long term ailments.

Okay is it too much…let me make it simple…Once the food passes the tongue your body can’t differentiate the tastes. So why do you want your body to be troubled for the little tricky tongue.

So STOP craving for “TASTES”. And see the result yourself how healthy you will be. Yes i can help you with that.
LETS see who is going to walk with me towards being “HEALTHY”.
Lets begin…..
see you in my next post…..



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