Breakfast Ideas..

The schools are starting so everybody might be busy doing the schedules for breakfast, lunches, etc … No you are not then start what’s the  delay…..Need ideas…I know you might. Okay let’s begin with wonderful breakfast ideas…

My kids love pancakes, waffles, muffins or just milk blah blah…are they healthy? Kids don’t like to say yes for eating so we, the parents need to make sure to bring them to the table with out actually making them to.  For that we need to work hard and I know it’s an add on to your to do list but we need to spare the time after all it’s the health that’s so precious…

so I decided to work on some healthy ideas but also kept in mind about kid’s happiness. Today I want to share with you.

I would love to have your ideas also to help out everyone here.

Remember I am not a fan of oil, salt, egg or basically I should say animal products. Trust me kids love these…They wouldn’t know that salt or oil or egg aren’t in there unless you tell them, they are soooo ….delicious.

Oatmeal: Very healthy because of it’s fiber content. There are a lot of kids with the constipation problem so I think this would be really a great asset. There are plenty of varieties you can make with it.

  1. Oat meal mixed with natural fruit flavors instead of unhealthy store bought flavored oatmeal packets. So easy to make them at home fresh…
  2. Oat meal smoothies with natural fresh fruits once again with simple ideas in few minutes.
  3. Oat meal with fresh vegetables and gravy and many more….

Banana Pancakes: Banana is good for health  because of its nutrients, helps constipation, most of all is easy with kids. Pancakes…you might be wondering what she said no bad stuff and now saying pancakes..Don’t worry i am making without egg in there and no flour.. So healthy yay..

Fruit Smoothies: Fresh fruits are the best for everyone including kids….Rich in minerals, vitamins, good bacteria…..As you all know the receipes for these are the same…I am working on these to replace yogurt and have no animal products…Will let you know as soon as something works out..

Vegetables : Every kid knows that they are rich in minerals , vitamins but no kid wants to eat it’s just because  they are kids…So here comes a parent to play their role to get their kids to eat. There are a lot of ways to cook these kid friendly..

More on their way keep coming back……






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