Do you know that the nutritional value in the sprouts is almost twice as in the seeds because of the germination of seeds. Amazing hah..Then why can’t we eat them fresh natural food. Yucky! i know that’s what kids and adults say.. But they are really tasty. First of all you need to have a determination to eat healthy, then you can eat anything… There is a known fact that most of the healthy food tastes bad and unhealthy ones good. You know the reason, they add chemicals to mask the bad taste. Now tell me is it better to eat healthy ones or unhealthy? You chose the right path….Let’s go and have the yummy sprouts….

Sprouts of green mung beans, soy, chickpeas, grains, lentils of different kinds can be eaten. You can have them in many different ways if you don’t want to eat them directly , fresh and uncooked.

  • Steam and sprinkle black ground pepper.
  • Stir-fry with other vegetables  (mung bean, alfalfa, radish, or other sprouts).
  • Blend into fruit juices (mung bean, lentil,  or grain sprouts).
  • Mix with salsa and serve as a dip.
  • Cut tomatoes, onions or spring onions, cucumber, add grated carrot , coconut and sprinkle black ground pepper and now mix sprouts and have it..
  • you can bake a  sprouted bread which you can use for a  sandwich (healthy one).

The above are some of the ways you can have as snacks/breakfast.



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