Curry powder receipe

This delicious receipe actually helps to mask the bland taste in dishes without salt. This has plenty of nutrients in there so it’s a best choice for masking. You need to be careful with peanuts because if they are not roasted well and ground seperately, the oil oozes out and makes it a paste instead of a powder. So please grind them seperately.

Curry leaves have anti-bacterial properties which is very advantageous for this receipe.

curry powder

prep time: 45 minutes


Peanuts: 3 cups
Black gram (light yellow, halved):1 cup
Chick pea (dry, split, halved): 1 cup
Curry leaves (sun dried): 1 cup

Roast them separately until golden brown and roast leaves very light.
Now grind the peanuts to fine powder and put aside. Next grind the
remaining ingredients to fine powder too.  Mix both of them evenly.
You can add this to any dish to mask salt less taste.

This has essential fatty acids, protein, minerals…which are healthy.





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