WATER : It is most essential for the human body …everyone is aware of it, yet no one does anything to make their health better. Is it really worth it to ignore the importance of water in your life. You give plenty of reasons for not having water during the day but did you ever think whom you are giving the reasons to or you should say excuses?

It’s damaging the life “our life” then why so much ignorance. I don’t understand the people looking for the cure when they could easily prevent it. Ok even the cure, you don’t want to accept the fact that water caused that much damage. But it’s true “no water” can do lot of damage to your body.
You get sooo upset when your boss gives you work and doesn’t give enough resources/supplies. It’s the same way our body is upset too.
Why can’t people understand that? What is the use in earning so much when we can’t even live to enjoy the earnings. I know you say yeah we know all that and I don’t understand how busy you are….Trust me I was you once but I changed my little habits and living a wonderful life now.
Just like every living being on this earth, we humans need water. Without water , our body is just like a barren land. Do you love that skin? Why do you want to try to cover it up with creams, lotions etc when you can treat it with water and avoid all chemical insurgence into the body….
Feed your body with enough nutrients to make it beautiful. We need at least 3-4 litres of water every day.

  • You try to eat and empty your bowels but try to drink water and empty your bowels, you can feel  the difference. It’s best idea to drink water in the early morning when our intestines are active so water can give an  additional pust to the bowel. Why am i talking about it? Is it gross? Do you know what you have in your body? How much waste /rotten there? Don’t you think you need to get it out. You might say i am using laxative to help me out but why do you want to go with chemicals when you can do chemical free natural water for that. Did atleast try. Try now and feel the emptiness of your bowels. You can feel the lightness of your body. No gases or toxins in the gut. You want to look beautiful from outside but try to look beautiful inside and once feel it..feel the beautiness of your empty gut. You will agree with me then..
  • You want to avoid the bathroom so you avoid the water. Did it ever occur to you why the bathrooms are smelly. It’s because you release the smelly stuff in there. Water helps your kidney to remove toxins which in turn helps us to maintain the good health. Just imagine  you have fresh flowers/fruits or any fresh ones, do they smell bad or good? Fresh…correct. Once they are rotten what will happen…Smell worst. In the same way , our body smells too. So try to keep your insides clean and will have cleaner outer body too…
  • Why do you want to use breath freshner? Is it make breath smell good ? Did you ever try to drink lot of water and test your breath if it’s going to smell good or bad? Never right… Bad breath is caused because of dryness , bacteria etc growing in our mouth. When you drink water, it will wash away all the bacteria and will keep our mouth wet and prevents the bad breath. You might be thinking what damage does the breath strips do? Did you ever look at the ingredients in there… all the chemicals….Do we need them … Think…

The above are few examples only. If i continue to talk i can never quit….. Please drink water and keep your health in a better shape…

Need any suggestions let me know.









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