Importance of salt

image-3When i say you need to avoid salt that doesn’t mean you have to be completely salt free. You know salt is very essential to our body.Without Na+ (salt), a lot of metabolic processes will not happen in our body which are essential to life. So it’s very important to get the necessary sodium. All i say is to get it naturally instead of adding to the dishes.

First of all, let’s learn some facts about sodium:

  •  Sodium is needed for lot of chemical processes that takes place in our body like muscle contractions, nerve transmissions, hydration, maintaining pH balance and it helps the movement or regulates the fluid in and outside of the cells.
  • Most of you know that it only causes increase in blood pressure but it also does cause water retention, dehydration (if there is not enough water intake because of meds or any other reason).
  • It’s available in lot of fresh vegetables, fruits. It’s also available in meat, dairy but you we don’t like animal products
  • It’s is added by almost all the manufacturers. You have to start paying close attention to serving size, sodium quantity.  But if you ask me i would say just avoid all these packaged and processed foods.

For example some of the processed foods like

  1. salty and smoked meats
  2. salty and smoke fish
  3. foods made in brine (olives, pickles)
  4. canned food
  5. instant food like soups, noodlesall  etc
  6. salad dressing
  7. lot of junk food like crackers, popcorn, chips etc

Oh! I almost forgot cheese and condiments too and many more. We can make all these fresh at home. Why should we get exposed to all these chemicals. Do we need them. Okay think please…

So all iam trying to say is donot add salt to already available salt to avoid the health problems like blood pressure, cardiac problems etc. 

In addition to salt, you need to watch out potassium intake. It’s as important as avoiding salt. Potassium reduces the blood pressure and other heart problems and helps in lot of metabolic processes.

Hopefully, everyone will understand that Salt is important to life but not salt cannot be life.




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