There are lot of chemicals being used in every product. Many are becoming victims of these unnatural ingredients. As a parent, I don’t want to give these to kids and i can’t deny what kids want. I checked online and noticed that all the recipes add salt. As you know, i don’t like sodium so i gave a thought about it. I tried to few times to get to the taste but at last i acheived it. Wonderful thing is my kids loved it. After that i do whenever i need it and i don’t need to worry about going out to buy or checking for an expiration date or worry about the unnecessary ingredients (dangerous chemicals).

As soon as i say no sodium, a lot of people get panicked and say no way i am going to eat . It tastes bland. But trust me you will love it because they have natural sodium which brings in the taste. My kids stopped asking me to buy from outside. Try it you will love the taste.

1/2 cup soaked cashews (if you need instantly you can soak in hot 
water for 3-5 min.
10-15ml lime juice
5-10ml  apple cider vinegar
30-60ml water (quantiy sufficient to make the desired consistency)

Directions: First blend soaked cashews to a fine paste, if necessary u can 
add little bit of water. Next add lime juice, apple cider vinegar 
little by little and taste it to make sure you got the desired sour 
cream taste.
You can add powdered dill and not apple cider vinegar to make it a 
dip for veggies. 


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