I love the jam with bread. My mom used to make this when i was little and everyone used to fight for jam. It was so yummy. I remember my mom doing in a big vessel with so many fruits and too much processing of fruits like washing, peeling…. so i thought its a tedious process and i never even asked her. She told me quite a few times that it is pretty simple to make, i never gave it a thought because of my busy life (really! is it that busy that we can’t make time for our own).

Now when i started doing a lot home made recipes,  i remembered this jam she used to make . I immediately called her for recipe. OMG! you won’t believe how foolish i was to think it was a tedious process. I wanted to give it a shot even when my kids opposed me. They love to spread the jam on the bread so didn’t want to loose the taste :(…

I promised my kids that it would turn good if not i wouldn’t force them to eat…

With the time, my  mom also changed her recipe. She used to add sodium benzoate to preserve it but as she realized how harmful it is she stopped adding. The replacement for this is unbelievable which is a common staple in house hold.

The time it takes make it also surprised me so less you know….Okay i will stop and proceed to the recipe now.

Just one more thing before i continue, after my kids tried , the first few words came out of their mouths is “UNBELIEVABLE MOMMY SO TASTY, NO MORE BUYING JAM “. I was very happy after hearing it so i wanted to share with you all….

Fresh fruits Optional
I took
Red seedless organic grapes 15 -20
1 ripe organic banana (not ripen)
1/2 green organic apple peeled 
1/2 mango 
Sugar organic (quantity sufficient)
lemon juice (quantity sufficient)

I washed the fruits, cut them into pieces and made the puree.
Now measure the pureed fruit. Mine was 1 cup.
Put this on stove top in low heat. 
Make sure you keep stirring if not it sticks to the bottom of the 
After 3-4 minutes i added sugar. Since the puree was 1 cup, i took
3/4 cup of sugar (my mom said 1:1 but i was scared about the 
sweetness of sugar here).  
Keep stirring often to prevent from burnt. You have to keep an eye
on it because it looked liquidy but it was ready to go.

You will know when its ready to go is.....  you put a couple of 
drops on a plate or small bowl and tilt. If you notice that it doesn't
slide, it's good to go. If it's sliding then keep it a little longer
on the stove.
Once it's done,turn off the stove and add 1/2 to 1 tsp lemon juice.
I added little by little so i can taste and see how it is.

That's it your jam/jelly is ready to go....The important thing is 
There is a procedure to preserve these home made to prevent fungus 
build up.
Sterilize the bottle you are going to use, make sure it's dry.
After the jam cools pour it into the bottle and cap it.
(you might see some droplets in mine because i poured it in before
it cooled down and struggled to wipe those droplets. so wanted to
give you headsup)...

Home made never stays for months or years because we don't add chem-
icals. Mine stayed for a month and couldn't test for longer because
i ran out.
This time i am planning to do in larger quantities,and more healthy
(no sugar) i will let you know.....

Enjoy with your kids.


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