Is there a healthy sugar?

After long time friends…… how is everyone keeping up with healthy diet.

A lot of us are into having healthy diet but are we really into it.

There is lot of confusion when it comes to SUGAR. Is there something called “healthy sugar”? No! There is none. Then why a lot of people say there is. It’s all a misconception. I was also one of them thinking there is better one even though not healthier one. I was using the unhealthy sugar. I couldn’t believe when I was reading the abstracts , research about the sugars (their metabolism and affects on the body). After I realized how they work and learned the facts about them , I wanted to share with you all what I learned but in short because it might be too much. I will put in more about glycemic index in my next one. I will put them in layman’s terms as much as possible.

First, I wanna show some names used on food labels. We look for word sugar or some common names like sucrose, fructose but you know sugar is hidden under different names.

When we go in little deep, glucose and fructose , we need to know that fructose is the most harmful one. Even though fructose glycemic index is low, its metabolism in liver leads to worst health like obesity, heart problems and many more. So if we know how to recognize them we can try to be careful.

Actually anything too much will always lead to disasters. So always little to survive is best for everyone.

For diabetics, recently a lot of products came into market saying sugar substitutes. Are they good for you? Are they damaging your health more? Yes they are…

They are chemically processed and not real food. They might be sugar free but do you really want to put in a chemical in your body everyday which might be a carcinogen too.

So listed few facts I found (any mistake please let me know) about different sugars in general .

I understood that DATE SUGAR is the only safest one. But I gave few facts I learned so decide which one is good for you.

Lastly one more ,

I will keep working on it and will add glycemic indexes too in my next one… just remember for now that FRUCTOSE IS REAL HARMFUL TO BODY……

Advices and Suggestions are always welcome…..thank you