OIL…And the rest

Wondering what oil can do or already you know about it and trying to ignore it. Looks like you do need my help in following a healthy diet. I am all yours. Want to know about oil? I know you might have read a lot already on line, books etc….

Did we have oil when our ancestors learned to cook? No right..Then why did we bring oil into cooking. It’s the TASTE which made us.

Okay does the taste cause any harm to our body? No then what’s causing it. It’s the added ingredients to food that brings in harm.

Did we have all these tastes right from the birth? When we were babies, our parents introduced us to bland foods in the beginning  which were so hard for us to have because it’s new to our taste buds. Then they introuduced us to all different spices , salt, oil in the  food. Did our tastebuds ask for it? No..When did all the health problems start… You are right..its after we had so called “tasty” food. When we were eating bland food , did we smell bad, like bad breadth, passing out smelly gas….

SO, what did you understand from all this. It’s the food mixed with all different tastes which brought all bad smell, toxins into our body. You are getting there…

But what is the use if we can’t even eat the food we like… That’s crazy…Forget about getting sick, I am going to eat what i want….This is exactly what’s going on in your mind. I know… Did you ever think about how  you are going to be  if you are enjoying your favourite foods and being sick all the time….This doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the food we like right… So what do we need to do enjoy our favourite food and be healthy at the same time…

It is easy..We need to work on removing the toxins first. How do we do it…There are so many types of detoxification treatments out there…But are they really worth  spending that much money when we can do it very simply in our house with simple techniques ( i will post them in my future posts), fresh fruits and vegetables…It might be difficulty  to adjust in the beginning but think  are you going to gain or  are you going to lose …..You are right.. When we know there is nothing to lose why don’t we give it a try….It’s not that difficult once you get used it….And i can help you to begin and  stay on it….

You are ready to peek into my “salt free diet” world filled with yummy reciepes…….see you in my next post…..