I have been lazy today since morning , having fun watching TV. Some times you like to have that free time for your self. Then after a while i realized it’s time for kids snack. They will be coming from school and i have to make the snacks or lunch because my son he doesn’t eat his lunch at school. He will be coming home hungry so sometimes i make lunch instead of snack. Today i have to make lunch because he took a cheese salad for lunch and i knew he would be really hungry once he comes home. I was thinking what to make today and i looked in the fridge for vegetables. I found a box of fresh spinach which will go bad soon if i don’t use in couple of days. I decided to do some thing with it. I checked online to find a recipe with spinach and i found a recipe with different cheeses and salt. I was disappointed first because i was trying to do something different that my kids never ate.

I said to myself,”i can make some changes to the recipe and make my own to get a new taste without salt but yummy. Huh….is it going to work? I changed a lot of recipes before for my taste. I will give it a try again…..”.

You don’t believe it was a huge success. My kids loved it. So i want to share that recipe with you….

1 and 1/2 to 2 cups of cooked spinach (just steam...i don't like to 
use frozen spinach so i get fresh ones).
1/3 cup or less diced onion ( i used yellow onion).
1 garlic clove diced.
1 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves ( i crushed them to powder).
3 eggs.
1/3 cup milk. 

pepper to taste.
parmesan cheese grated ( i want to use vegan next time.. i will let 
you know how it goes).
mozarella cheese grated too.
1 and 1/3 cup cooked rice.
1 and 1/2 to 2 tbsp melted butter.

Pre-heat oven to 350F. Take a pan and put in spinach, onions, garlic
on low heat covering with a lid. Mix it often so it doesn't stick to 
the pan since we don't use oil. And also make sure you cook rice too.
Almost forgot, melt butter also. At the same time, i grated mozarella
cheese since i don't have any grated ones at home. 
Once you have cooked spinach ready to go, combine with beaten eggs,
parmesan cheese and milk. Add melted butter too to this mixture. Mix
well. Pour this in a oven safe container and bake it for 25 min. In 
the last 3 to 5 min, add mozarella chesse on top. 

Now waiting for that 5 min to end felt like forever. I wanted to tas
te it to make sure kids are going to love it if not i have to make 
changes or need to cook something else.

To my surprise, it turned out so awesome to look and taste.

We need to enjoy what we eat so you can make anything you like by 
adding and deleting the ingredients you don't like to make a new one
for your taste.


There are lot of chemicals being used in every product. Many are becoming victims of these unnatural ingredients. As a parent, I don’t want to give these to kids and i can’t deny what kids want. I checked online and noticed that all the recipes add salt. As you know, i don’t like sodium so i gave a thought about it. I tried to few times to get to the taste but at last i acheived it. Wonderful thing is my kids loved it. After that i do whenever i need it and i don’t need to worry about going out to buy or checking for an expiration date or worry about the unnecessary ingredients (dangerous chemicals).

As soon as i say no sodium, a lot of people get panicked and say no way i am going to eat . It tastes bland. But trust me you will love it because they have natural sodium which brings in the taste. My kids stopped asking me to buy from outside. Try it you will love the taste.

1/2 cup soaked cashews (if you need instantly you can soak in hot 
water for 3-5 min.
10-15ml lime juice
5-10ml  apple cider vinegar
30-60ml water (quantiy sufficient to make the desired consistency)

Directions: First blend soaked cashews to a fine paste, if necessary u can 
add little bit of water. Next add lime juice, apple cider vinegar 
little by little and taste it to make sure you got the desired sour 
cream taste.
You can add powdered dill and not apple cider vinegar to make it a 
dip for veggies. 

Pasta sauce

Unbelievably delicious yummy pasta sauce done with out adding salt…kids friendly and of course adults too.



3 cups tomatoes diced
1/2 cup red pepper diced
1/4 cup celery diced
1/3 cup zuchhini diced
1/2 cup green onions cut
1/3 cup coriander/parsley leaves cut
2 teaspoons red chilli powder ( adjust to your spice)
2 pinches of pepper (adjust to your spice)
2 pinches of oregano
2 cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of curry powder (see my previous post for recipe)

Put all the ingrdients in a bowl and cook them. Cook on a low flame
Keep mixing so the bottom doesn't get burnt. Cook until 3/4th of the
water is gone. Cool it down and blend it into a fine puree.
 img_6413  img_6415

Now pour the puree into a sauce pan, add curry powder and heat it 
well until the consistency gets thicker like sauce.  




Recently, I was wondering how i can make my life easy with kids, job, family, house etc…..You are going through the same thing! I knew it so i put some time into it figuring out how i can do this….First thing came to my mind was breakfast…What can I do to make my job less hard in the morning?….Ofcourse you want it to be healthy when it comes to family but you also wish for less work..

I noticed that a lot of people are in to smoothie freezer packs (no doubt i prefer home made only). Huh! “freezer bags” might not be a good idea to eat frozen food but i gave it a thought. If we make fresh at home, they should be good for health. You know you are not adding preservatives to preserve them from rotting you are just preserving the nutrients naturally so why worry right. That’s it, it striked my mind to be a great idea. So i did some research and you will be thrilled to know i gathered a lot of reciepes, even though most of them we know already and i found some interesting ones online (like whole foods and few more…).


Are you ready to jump into kitchen to make these delicious, colorful but healthy vegan smoothies which take couple of minutes to make?

Before you enter the kitchen, here are some tips in making smoothies:

  • You can add “chia seeds”, or “flax seeds (they don’t change the color a lot, or taste)

chia-seeds                          flax-seed

  • You can add 2 cups fruit, 1 sliced banana


  • You can add 1 cup greens (for healthy fibrous smoothie).
  • Add 1 cup of liquid (like water, coconut water, juice, almond milk) to the blender, then add frozen smoothie pack contents or fresh ingredients.
  • Adding coconut manna or 1/2 avocado will produce a creamer smoothie.


  • Freeze yogurt in icucube trays (for convenience but try to add fresh).
  • Layer from softest (like banana) to hardest, and add liquid last.
  • Oatmeal is cheap, filling, healthy and turns your drink into a meal (which is fribrous too).


  • Add veggies like cabbage, kale or spinach you won’t even taste them ( gives vitamins, fiber, minerals).



I will keep looking into it and if you have any please share them….hope you all are going to enjoy making smoothies…….see you in my next post of smoothie reciepes….

Banana PB Almond Smoothie

After long time i went to a grocery store to get fruits and I didn’t know that it will lead to my new discovery”The Banana PB Almond Smoothie”,and I’m here to tell you how exactly that happened.

To start, my daughter tagged along with me to the store and caught the eye of a smoothie.Now that smoothie was $6 for a small cup! So of course my first reaction was “NO WAY!”I can make this at home anytime in just a  couple of minutes. My daughter didn’t belive me and I took that as a challenge. So at the end we didn’t buy the smoothie and I ended up making this awesome recipe that turned out better then expected.After tasting the recipe, my daughter was really happy for not buying  it (smoothie with chemicals) at the store . I figured that you guys would also like to know how to make….

Banana PB Almond Smoothie

1 Banana
1 teaspoon Peanut Butter
18 Almond Soaked (5 min in hotwater)
20-30 ml Milk
20-30 ml Coconut Water (adjust for consistency)
1/2 teaspoon Flax Seeds

Blend in all ingredients except flax seeds & liquids first to
powder and then add the remaining ingredients to blend into a 
smoothie. Tada!...Ready to drink.


I was actually thinking how to get beetroot into kids tummy without struggle. I tried fry, curry ..they didnot work. Kids do love pickles so i thought of giving it a try and it was a huge success. I , kids and rest of the family  loved the taste “yummy” no words to describe…But don’t forget that there is no salt in here, make sure to add lemon juice to mask the spice of green chilies or just use less green chilies based on your taste.

Always use fresh ingredients for better health…


Serv:6/Prep:5 min/Cook:15 min

1 beetroot
3-4 green chilies
2 tsps curry powder
Few coriander & curry leaves
Sautéed legumes, cumin, mustard seeds
1 tsp Lemon juice or sour mango paste (home made) adjust to you taste


Peel the beetroot and boil with 20 to 30 ml water depending on the 
size of beetroot. I took a little larger beetroot.
After beetroot cools down, add it to the blender along with curry 
powder and green chilies and blend it into a fine paste.
Now add lemon juice to the paste and mix well.
Garnish with coriander leaves,curry leaves sautéed legumes, cumin,
mustard seeds.

Note: recipe for my curry powder is in my previous posts.

I usually keep sautéed legumes, cumin seeds, mustard seeds handy. 
Sauté without oil.