Diet ….What is there to talk about it …You might think counting calories, watching carbs, fat, protein is called the Diet.  Actually its not you know.  It is what we eat. It doesn’t matter counting, watching calories blah blah..

Now a days everyone is watching their DIET. They want it to be healthy. Does healthy means only eating fruits, vegetables ? You are right its not. Eating the right ones is what’s going to give us proper health. Trust me I tried all different types of diets.

You know how many are out there:

  • milk diet
  • dairy free diet
  • vegan diet
  • maple syrup-lemonade diet
  • juice diet
  • Fasting
  • liquid diet
  • sugar free diet
  • carb free diet
  • protein diet   and so on…….

Did anyone think about “salt free diet”. Yes you heard correct… You might be thinking, salt is not going to do anything other than adding taste, its not harmful. why is she talking about it?

I will talk about it’s work in my future posts. Before i proceed to “SALT FREE DIET”, I want you to have  some insight about “Taste”.